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Roman catholic church Satu Mare

Roman Catholic Church Satu Mare


About the former church, mentioned first in 1566, the ecclesiastical records say: „According to an episcopal document the parochial church of Máréfalva (Satu Mare) is from the time of Rákóczi György, namely according to the tradition his name was engraved in the old steeple... in 1763 a new church was planned to be built. That was finished in 1772, and consecrated on 19th July, 1783 in honor of Prince St. Imre.

The present church stands on the hill, on the south side of the highway, in the center of the village. The western steeple is supported with counterforts located diagonally. In the nave, above the western entrance the 1772 year is visible. The orientated sanctuary is polygonally shaped. There are no medieval artefacts in the church, no signs of the medieval construction style, but in the sustainer walling of the parish's porch an arched monstrance is built in, which dates back to the turn of the 15th and 16th century with its simply proportioned frame and its 3 salient crosses, and it is very similar to the stonecutter-marked monstrance, located in the sanctuary of the church in Farcád (Forțeni). This carving makes it probable that the first stone church of the village was built in the same time. Based on the later data that show the population index of the village the claim and possibility of construction was given at that time. Three people are mentioned in the census of horses in 1566; Máréfalva (Satu Mare) appears in the 1567 register of homes with 19 gates. Therefore it is possible that in the 17th century the steeple was built on an already existing church.


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